1. In my Veins (Andrew Belle)
  2. Wait for You (Atreyu)
  3. What The Hell (Avril Lavigne)
  4. What Makes You Different (Backstreet Boys)
  5. Radar (Britney Spears)
  6. Ever Ever After (Carrie Underwood)
  7. Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion)
  8. Yellow (Coldplay)
  9. Crush (David Archuleta)
  10. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas)
  11. Broken (Digga)
  12. Perfect (Hedley)
  13. Now You Know (Hilary Duff)
  14. Love Will Show You Everything (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
  15. Love you more (Jls)
  16. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)
  17. This Girl (Laza Morgan)
  18. Jar of Hearts (Lea Michele)
  19. One Hand, One Heart (Lea Michele & Darren Criss)
  20. Put Your Arms Around Me (Natasha Bedingfield)
  21. Soulmate (Natasha Bedingfield)
  22. Just Like A Pill (Pink)
  23. Monster You Made (Pop Evil)
  24. Only Girl (Rihanna)
  25. Suppose (Secondhand Serenade)
  26. Breathless (Shayne Ward)
  27. Better Than Revenge (Taylor Swift)
  28. Change (Taylor Swift)
  29. Cold As You (Taylor Swift)
  30. Haunted  (Taylor Swift)
  31. I’m Only Me When I’m With You (Taylor Swift)
  32. If This Was A Movie (Taylor Swift)
  33. The Story Of Us (Taylor Swift)
  34. You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift)
  35. The Beauty and The Tragedy (Trading Yesterday)
  36. Dreamer (Uh Huh Her)
  37. Enchanted(Taylor Swift)
  38. Shut Up & Kiss Me (Orianthi)
  39. It’s All Coming Back To Me(Lea Michele) 
  40. Faithfully (Lea Michele & Cory Monteith) *new*
  41. Looking Back   *new*
  42. Who Knew (Pink)  *new*
  43. Who Are You (Carrie Underwood)*new*
  44. Memories (Within Temptation)*new*
  45. Lego House (Ed Sheeran)*new*
  46. I Love You (Avril Lavigne)
  47. Kissing You (Miranda Cosgrove)
  48. Just Give Me a Reason (Pink)
  49. The Scientist (Glee Cast) *new*
  50. Red (Taylor Swift)*new*
  51. Sad Beautiful Tragic (Taylor Swift) *new*


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  2. Season 2
  3. Season 3 all Kisses
  4. Season 3 

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You


  1. Cory Monteith FanVid - Comatose (Foreigner)
  2. Glee - What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) (Kelly Clarkson)
  3. Monchele (Gift for Federica)- Stereo Hearts (Glee Cast)
  4. Glee - Goodbye(Spice Girls)